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Toys "Я" Us

The best TOY STORE in the world.


We will bring you the best collection of the stores you love, and the brands and products you like - all in one place.

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To make your life easier by organizing millions of products from thousands of trusted merchants and brands from America in a single location, we allowing you to conveniently manage all your online shopping needs with one personal account.

All you need to do is just send us the link of the items you would like to purchase, including size, color and quantities. And we will do the rest for you.

Shipments will get to you as soon as we receive your orders from retailer stores or puchase them in local stores. We will combine your orders and ship them strait to you as soon as possible. The transit times will vary from country to country. We can expedite your shipping by choosing a carrier for you that will ship your Item in less than a week. 

How will we calculate the total amount?

To the Item of your choice from the retailer store we will add:

1. 9% of California Tax fee (by California law)

2. 5% of Credit Card processing fee

3. 20% fee

4. Shipping fee (we will provide you this information with carrier of your choice)

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